[Merch Drop💧] Cross Chain Chain Tee ✨

Exclusive release to celebrate the first ever Cross Chain Expo ⚡

3 min readJun 8, 2022

All right THORChads, stop! Collaborate and Listen! ✋ THORSwap is back with a Cross-Chain Edition ⚡

To celebrate the first ever Cross Chain Expo @ Consensus 2022, we’re dropping piece of special limited edition merch.

We heard THORChads love Chains, so we put a Cross-Chain on a iced-out Chain, so you can Rock the Chains while you Cross the Chains. 👌 https://thorchads.metaswagclub.com/products/cross-chain

Limited Edition of 50 (once they’re gone WE WILL NEVER PRINT THIS AGAIN).


  • 100% Polyester
  • Light fabric (4.0 oz/yd² (113 g/m²)) / (6.0 oz/yd² (170 g/m²))
  • Regular fit
  • Tagless

Cop the swag 👉 https://thorchads.metaswagclub.com/products/cross-chain

The future is multi-chain 💪 If you are attending Consensus 2022, join us for an afternoon of conversations with the innovators building towards that future.

Free registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cross-chain-expo-tickets-335035599497

Companion NFT Airdrop for Limited Edition Merch

In case you missed our previous announcement, we’ve worked with our partners MetaSwagClub to implement a FREE COMPANION NFT AIRDROP to all collectors of our limited edition merch.

Thanks to the power of Web3, simply make a purchase with your choice of ETH or ERC-20 tokens/stables or $RUNE/ $THOR, then the Companion NFT will automatically be airdropped to your wallet on the Polygon network. Check Profile> Hidden on OpenSea to view the NFT 😎

About THORChads DAO ⚡

The home of the THORChads Metaverse, where the community can interact with creative projects like NFTs and games. THORChads.com will act as a creative launchpad, supporting new creative community projects with marketing, dev support and more.

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About THORSwap ⚡

THORSwap is the leading multi-chain, decentralized exchange (DEX) platform powered by THORChain. Perform cross-chain swaps in a permissionless, trustless, and non-custodial manner.

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