[Merch + NFT Drop] Avalanche 🔺 x THORChain ⚡ Hoodie (Ed.50)

3 min readOct 4, 2022

Limited edition merch celebrating the arrival of Avalanche on THORChain 🚨

The wait is finally over: Avalanche 🔺 has arrived on THORChain!️

Celebrating the launch of the Eco-Friendly, Low Cost Blockchain of going Blazingly Fast comes this fresh code-red 🚨 spin on our classic THORSwap hoodie.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back — see you on THORSwap, $AVAX Chads & Chaddettes!

Designed by THORChads DAO Art Director @paperX_Art.

Limited Edition of 50 (once they’re gone WE WILL NEVER PRINT THIS AGAIN).

Order now 👉 https://thorchads.metaswagclub.com/products/avax

The Avalanche X THORChain Hoodie comes in size S to 5XL and features:

  • Double lined hood with matching drawstring
  • Reinforced rib-knit Lycra® cuffs for durability
  • Front pouch pocket
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Fit for all genders.

NFT Airdrop for Collectors of Limited Edition Merch

And that’s not all! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve worked with our partners MetaSwagClub to implement a FREE NFT AIRDROP reward to all collectors of our limited edition merch with every purchase.

Here’s a detailed look at the art work by THORChadsDAO Art Director @paperX_art:

This demonstrates the potential of Web3 — buy swag with your choice of $ETH or ERC-20 $RUNE/ $THOR/ Stablecoins and receive an airdropped NFT.

The airdropped Companion NFT will be airdropped to your purchasing wallet on the Polygon/Matic network. To view your NFT on Open Sea, go to `Profile > Hidden.`

We’ll continue to deliver more rewards for our community, keep an eye out on Discord and Twitter of THORChads, THORSwap and other THORChain communities for chance to win giveaways! 💪

About THORChads DAO ⚡

The home of the THORChads Metaverse, where the community can interact with creative projects like NFTs and games. THORChads.com will act as a creative launchpad, supporting new creative community projects with marketing, dev support and more.

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About THORSwap ⚡

THORswap is a multi-chain DEX Aggregator built on THORChain’s cross-chain liquidity protocol and the flagship interface for all THORChain services. Perform permissionless cross-chain swaps right from your own self-custodied wallet. Learn more at https://thorswap.finance.

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