NFT Trophies Season 1 Claim Instructions

#ProveYourChadness before the Nov 29th snapshot; worthy Chads must whitelist by Dec 5th; Claiming begins Dec 14th

NFT Trophies will only be earned by worthy Chads!

What are NFT Trophies?

How to qualify for NFT Trophies?

NFT Trophy supply and distribution

  • Every NFT Trophy season will have a max supply of 500 NFTs (cards)
  • Season 1 will feature 10 Norse characters, each with 50 mints — 40 uncommon NFTs and 10 gold NFTs
  • For a total of 400 uncommon NFT Trophies and 100 gold NFT Trophies
  • Each season may have different NFT rarity distributions, but never more than 500 max supply

Meet season 1's featured artist

10 Norse characters
Gold (super rare) variant with golden frame

NFT Trophy Instructions

  1. #ProveYourChadness by generating your Score on If you complete more challenges to increase your score, be sure to re-generate your Score.
  2. On Monday, Nov 29th a snapshot will be taken of the top 400 Chads on THORChad Score’s Leaderboard. Be sure to generate your score BEFORE this snapshot!
  3. If eligible, whitelist yourself by calculating your THORChad Score between Nov 29th and Dec 5th (1 week). This is required because your Score is tied to your THORChain address and will automatically associated with the ETH address you connect. This process will be automated for future rewards and events, as your score is associated with both your THORChain and ETH addresses. Community members who won the Discord Quest, Easter Egg hunts or Twitter/Discord giveaways will be auto-whitelisted and do not need to complete this step.
  4. You may begin claiming your NFT Trophy starting Dec 14th at
  5. Flex your NFT Trophy on Twitter and tag @THORChadsDAO:)

More NFT Trophy Seasons coming soon

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