NFT Trophies Season 1 Reveal (recap)

9 min readOct 25, 2021

So there you have it, THORChads!

Thank you for joining the Reveal Event in the THORChads Discord and kickstarting new seasons of NFT Trophies, where we will be rewarding trophies to the chaddest of Chads”.

NFT Trophies are limited edition NFTs that are rewarded to individuals that have “proven their Chadness” via on-chain metrics, Discord metrics or other community contributions.

During last week’s reveal event, we unveiled 4 out of the 10 NFT Trophies from featured artist DrunkPelican and even gave away 12 whitelist passes for the upcoming NFT Trophies.

Here’s a transcript of the event:

UncleBadgers: Hey everyone, happy to be here with all of you talking about THORChads DAO and Trophies reveal!

DrunkPelican: Hi everyone! I am DrunkPelican, the artist of the NFT Trophies Season 1, excited to be here !

The Bull: Hi everyone! Happy to be here, I’ll be the Mod of the event today!

NFT Trophies 101

UncleBadgers: So you may be wondering what are NFT Trophies?

NFT Trophies are seasonal Limited Edition NFT’s created by artists from the Thorchain and THORSwap community.

Seasonal meaning they are dropped periodically. Limited Edition meaning unique, rare and in some cases, complete one of ones. This is a project bootstrapped by the THORSwap team to reward THORChain users.

UncleBadgers: And Why?

This is to reward THORChads. There is a saying that goes:

  • Store of value = BTC
  • Store of culture = NFTs

We value our users and want to show our appreciation by rewarding users with a store of culture that is NFTs. We are essentially airdropping NFTs to THORChads.

UncleBadgers: How does thou prove thyself’s chadness?

  • Top scorers on THORChad Score, which is the epitome of proving your chadness. In the future, NFT Trophies may be rewarded for specific challenges, monthly tasks, etc.
  • Creating community content like videos, blogs, educational work.
  • Discord metrics like completing quests, being active users and helping people out.

THOR and Balder Reveal

The Bull: It’s time to reveal the first 2 NFT Trophies to the Community!

DrunkPelican Interview

DrunkPelican: Hi guys! My name is DrunkPelican, I’m an artist from Australia who specialises in character design, concept art and business design.

UncleBadgers: What is your story?

DrunkPelican: My art journey began with caricatures, and developed into app design, before delving into business decorative design, where I decided upon the name DrunkPelican (pelicans are my favourite bird!).

UncleBadgers: Have you enjoyed creating these Norse gods and how did it come about?

DrunkPelican: This project and the team behind it have changed the game for me and I am honoured to be along for the ride! Even more so I am incredibly happy to be able to use my hands — my tools — to give back to the community, to build something great that provides freedom and independence.

UncleBadgers: Stoked to be releasing the first season!?

DrunkPelican: Yes, I am super excited! It is an amazing privilege to be presenting this work to the community members, and an even better feeling is the opportunity to continue working and building this future with you all!

Hel and Bragi Reveal

DrunkPelican Interview cont.

UncleBadgers: Hel and Skadi are women norse gods, they look powerful. How does being anonymous feel empowering to you?

DrunkPelican: In an era of being anon, it is like we are ahead of social constructions as your real life identity doesn’t matter here.

UncleBadgers: What is in this season 1 NFT Trophy drop?

DrunkPelican’s season 1 drop will include a total of 10 characters with different rarities. Future seasons of NFT Trophies will feature the works of new artists from the community

THORChads DAO 101

UncleBadgers: Let’s talk about THORChads DAO.

THORChads DAO is the Metaverse home for the THORChain community, where community projects like NFT’s, games and apps can launch from. Kind of like a Kickstarter launchpad. is bootstrapped by the same contributors as THORSwap who created THORName, THORChad Score, NFT Trophies, Quest, THORWiki and THORYield.

The Bull: How users can contribute?

UncleBadgers: We believe that anyone can contribute to the ecosystem in one way or another.

  • One of the best ways to contribute is to spread the word, engage with the community, use the platform, and most importantly, help newcomers
  • BUILD! Create your own creative projects, create art, memes, games, web apps. Even sneakers if you have seen Vanir Threads. A perfect example of a community driven project is RUNEYIELD where the synergy was amazing and eventually merged into THORYield.
  • Create educational content, such as videos, blogs, twitter threads on THORWiki. THORWiki will be a community driven educational platform for everything THORChain related.
  • Artists can show off your work via the #CHADart hashtag. Future featured artists will be selected from those who share with this hashtag.

The Bull: How can THORChads DAO support new community projects?

UncleBadgers: Funding, marketing reach, dev resources and community.

The Bull: How to submit community projects to THORChads DAO?

UncleBadgers: There will be a form on where the community will be able to submit new project proposals.

The Bull: Any other advice?

UncleBadgers: You should try to increase your THORChad Score or contribute to the community. THORChad Score will be used for many future perks and benefits! ;)

Community Questions for DrunkPelican

The Bull: It’s time for DrunkPelican to answer questions from the community. We’ve selected the best questions.

Q1: Before hopping into the NFT space what did DrunkPelican do and what was the turning point in [her] career to hop over to the NFT space and become participant in this ever growing multiverse of thorchain?

DrunkPelican: I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been creating in some form and have always had a desire to make something of myself through that. I began posting art on deviantart of Disney-esque characters and other random paintings, and began doing commissions through that social media art site. I moved over to Instagram and floated about trying to build clientele and essentially to sell prints/do commissions. Motivation was hard to hang onto in that time because clients were hard to find.

Years later and my partner discovered cryptocurrency, more specifically Haven and Thorchain. I created a piece of a potential face for Haven, paired up with a mascot type character for Thorchain, and I was approached and asked to do the NFTs.

Q2: What is DPs signature art style..traditional Norse depictions, or more hybrid takes that blend e.g. manga with Norse iconography

DrunkPelican: My signature style is definitely leaning toward semi realistic caricature, I grew up studying and admiring Disney art and their artists, and so in digital and traditional I chose to apt for movie screencap style, with painted backgrounds and characters that hold a lot of cartoon emotion, but still hold true proportions and anatomy.

The Norse style is just too fitting and is an amazing brief to go off! I’ve had a lot of fun fitting my own style into these characters.

Q3: What led to Pelicans decision to do NFts for this space? Was the artist commissioned or volunteer the art?

DrunkPelican: The initial image that lead to me being approached was done completely for fun initially! My partner gave me the idea to create personifications of Haven and THORSwap which I was happy to do, mainly because I saw it as a fresh piece to test my skill and style. I was asked to join the project as an artist, and from there we decided upon the details of how I would contribute and how they could assist me in the community.

Q4: What is your fondest memory of your first NFT piece?

DrunkPelican: The fondest memory of my first NFT piece was minting it to Opensea, that feeling of taking the first step to really taking my own art seriously. Also posting it on Twitter and being able to say that it’s up there and worth something! I want to create for people to feel things, or feel proud to hold my work as their own, and so that was a big moment for me.

I also want to add that the first NFT I did for THORChads specifically is incredibly important to me. I doubted myself so much, thinking I would not be able to pull it off and that this subject matter was too far out of my comfort zone to commit to. Finishing and uploading that first one was an incredible relief, and upon receiving the feedback, I was more than excited to know that if my art was good enough, it could serve as a way to reward and give back to the community because it would be worth the title. That was something I never thought I could do a year ago.

Q5: I believe DrunkPelican provided artworks for some other ecosystems, maybe that was how #THORChads got to know you. Are there any inspirations that you craft your NFTs from?

DrunkPelican: Yes! For the THORChads NFTs there were many inspirations including classical paintings, futuristic themed movies such as Blade Runner, Tron and shows like Game of Thrones and The Boys. Majority of the time I did use classical depictions of the Norse gods as inspiration, and hints of futuristic detail being drawn from those shows and movies that feature bright lights and sophisticated, stream lined outfits and armour.

The weaponry was based heavily off of what Norse mythology generally described the gods as using. Swords and spears, chest plates and robes, all very common attributes in not only the gods but many civilisations over the years, there is inspiration everywhere in that respect and so even Aztec and Roman paintings were referenced to provide a wide range of detail and design.

Community Questions for THORChads DAO

The Bull: UncleBadgers, it’s time for us to answer some Community Questions now!

UncleBadgers: Sure, no problem!

Q1: What is the motivation and criteria behind the number of NFTs created for each season? Is it all up to the artist or the team makes the decision?

UncleBadgers: Each trophy season is limited edition, we are not here to flood the market but are here to reward genuine users in their efforts in supporting us.

The supply was agreed upon by both team and artists, they will not exceed 500 and the rareness of them will vary. Including just one offs.

Q2: Will there be themes associated with each season’s NFTs?

The Bull: The artistic style will vary but the theme is based around the Nordic gods which represents the culture behind the THORChain ecosystem.

Q3: Will each area of scoring metrics have its own trophy?

UncleBadgers: Possibly. There will be unique challenges that will qualify users for limited edition trophies ;)

Q4: How can a NFT be beneficial to the chad who saw THORChain’s ups and downs? Does that nft worth the chadness?

The Bull: The NFTs are Trophies rewarding your journey as a true chad. Only you can determine how much it is worth to you.

Q5: Will the NFTs from different seasons have the same utility in future or the earlier the more valuable?

UncleBadgers: Season 1 NFT Trophies are intended solely as a reward for loyal Chads. We are exploring many creative utility ideas that integrate with THORChads, THORSwap and THORChain products. You can soon submit your own project ideas on and join the fun.

Q6: If someone happens to earn multiple NFT trophies over the course of different seasons, will there be any added utility/benefit for achieving this milestone?

The Bull: I can’t reveal too much but just know that THORChad ID is being developed with this use case in mind… think DeFi meets NFTs.

Whitelist Passes

The 5 best community questions were rewarded with a whitelist pass for the upcoming season 1 drop. DrunkPelican also selected an additional 7 THORChads from the audience for the Trophies Whitelist.

If you missed out don’t worry! There will be many more events and more chances to earn your whitelist pass!

Be ready to play Discord Quests, Easter Egg hunts and much much more!

About THORChads DAO

The home of the THORChad Metaverse, where the community can interact with creative projects like NFTs and games. will act as a creative launchpad, supporting new creative community projects with marketing, dev support and more. The THORChad DAO is a community driven organisation that will curate community projects and determine rewards and support for new projects.