👟THOR Force 1: Physical Redeem Process

3 min readJan 14, 2022

Instructions for THOR Force 1 NFT owners to redeem for a physical handcrafted pair of custom sneakers

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What are THOR Force 1s?

A symbol of the THORChain ecosystem, this sneaker commemorates the values of the THORChain community: decentralization, immutability, and freedom.

Each THOR Force 1 NFT is unique and eligible to be redeemed (one time only!) for a physical, handmade THOR Force 1 sneaker — shipped right to your door anywhere in the world.

Instructions to Redeem for Physical Shoes:

You may redeem your THOR Force 1 NFT for a pair of physical shoes starting on Friday, January 14th.

Redeem Instructions:

  1. Go to the redeem webpage
  2. Connect your ETH wallet. Ensure it is the same wallet holding your THOR Force 1 NFT.
  3. Enter your Token ID #. You can find this on your THOR Force 1 NFT’s OpenSea listing:

4. Copy your Claim Tx Hash and Security Hash to input in the Google form:

5. Complete the remaining fields in the Google form, then submit the form

Redeem FAQs:

  • Metadata for your THOR Force 1 NFT will be revealed on Friday, January 14th. Be sure to click the “Refresh Metadata” button if you don’t see metadata properties on OpenSea.
  • Upon NFT minting, your NFT’s ‘status’ trait starts as “redeemable
  • Owners must redeem within 6 months after NFT collection launch, after which un-claimed pairs will be assigned a random size + physically produced to ensure they will be redeemable forever.
  • To redeem, THOR Force 1 NFT holders must complete the redeem process to submit shoe size and shipping address
  • Each THOR Force 1 NFT can only be redeemed once! Once redeemed, your NFT’s ‘status’ trait will change to “redeemed
  • Wait patiently as your custom shoe is handcrafted and shipped straight to your doorstep — anywhere worldwide. See Vanir Threads’ FAQs for more details.
  • Rock your THOR Force 1’s and show off your Chadness on Twitter!

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