THORChads Platform: Introduction and Roadmap

4 min readSep 20, 2021


THORSwap would not be anywhere without our community.
To thank and reward our loyal community members,
we’re introducing the community-owned THORChad rewards platform.

The THORChads DAO:

THORChads DAO is the the future home of the THORChads Metaverse, where community initiative projects and apps can launch from!

The THORChads DAO will serve as a community-driven organisation that represents the creative spirit of the THORChain Ecosystem.

It will be where creative projects will be created by the community and THORSwap.

The THORChads Platform will act as a LAUNCHPAD and will be the primary destination for all of THORChain’s creative projects such as NFT’s, Fun WebApps, Games, etc.

This expands the community in a creative direction allowing community members to access a creative hub/outlet.

Projects will be curated by the community and possibly incentivised by $THOR.

It will be the hub of current community projects like THORChad Score, THORWiki, Membership Cards, THORChad PFP Avatars, NFT Trophies, and Discord Games

Our Ethos:

We will be following a bottom-up approach to the creative realm of crypto.

This will be a grassroots initiative, where real creativity truly sprouts from, and where all THORChads can align.

We want the DAO to instill community resilience, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging amongst the community.

The THORChads DAO enables the THORChain community to create a strong presence, giving a key identity to chads within this anon world.

The creative personification of a whole community and key pinnacle members is a noble pursuit that THORChads will represent.

THORChads Membership Cards

Rewards Programme

It is simple — participate and you will receive rewards, perks, and early access. The THORChads DAO, with initial support from THORSwap, will reward community members, active users, content creators, early users, DAO participants — basically, anyone who actively contributes to the THORChads DAO.

What can the community build/create?

Anything! The possibilities are endless. NFT’s, Fun WebApps, Games, Quests, Content, etc. The idea is to build projects from the bottom up etiquette similar to those of loot, rarity, pak poets, etc.

Any project that launches on the THORChads DAO will have full support from the community and team! THORChads DAO will act as a Launchpad, where community-driven projects can gain instant traction through our reach, community, loyalty, bounties, and expertise.

THORChad Discord Community

Discord will be the community hub of the DAO, any project/webapp developed will have a direct function on discord. i.e explore the THORChad Metaverse all from discord.

The community discord will be where THORChads rank up and prove their chadness, where grassroots community projects will sprout and flourishfrom, and where the community decides on the creative trajectory of THORSwap.

Want to contribute?
Got an idea?
Have a creative team?
Wanna prove your chadness?

Get early access to the THORChad Community here.

THORChad Score

THORChad Score is a fun WebApp (inspired by Degen Score) to acknowledge all the “chads” and “degens” of the THORChain Community and reward them for their loyalty. This will be the ultimate “Proof of Chadness”

THORChad Discord Quests

Play bi-weekly quests to test your THORChain and Norse Mythology knowledge. These are played within Discord with the chance to win limited edition NFT Trophies.


The THORChad’s Wikipedia for the THORChain Ecosystem. Here you can learn about the THORChain Ecosystem and contribute to the content growth of THORWiki whilst receiving rewards.


A unique membership card for THORSwap, that will offer new and exciting utility for all Chads.

NFT Trophies

Limited edition NFT’s of Norse Mythological Gods will be used to reward committed community members, top THORSwap users, and discord quests winners.

THORChad Community Projects (coming soon)

Projects are in beta and development phases, join the discord for early access.

Prove your chadness, join the DAO today.
Start creating and participating!

More updates are coming soon. Stay tuned!




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